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About Me

Jessie Olsen CTBC, CPDT-KA Ive been working with dogs professionally for over a decade. I started off as a group hiker in SF and fell in love with the lifestyle of spending everyday working with dogs. I eventually started my own business in the East Bay and continued to hike dogs for the next several years before deciding to become a certified dog trainer. In addition to working with dogs during the day, I also spend my time volunteering at local animal shelters. It was shelter work that inspired me to do more to help these sweet dogs realize their ability to be the perfect pet and find their forever homes. Too many dogs that end up in shelters have not had the opportunity to learn what it means to feel safe. Often this leads to behaviors that we as humans cannot understand. In effect, we end up feeling frustrated because we want our dogs to 'behave' but we lack the time and knowledge it takes to properly understand how to help our dogs succeed in our world. I can provide you with the tools necessary to help both the human and dog live in a more harmonious setting.

I am a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultation (CTBC) I have also successfully achieved professional certification by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT ®). 

I am currently working towards my LMFT and LPCC licensure to accommodate my human friends too.

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